4 Reasons Winter is A Good Time to List Your Home in New York

4 Reasons Winter is A Good Time to List Your Home in New York

  • Eric Whitlock
  • 12/23/19

Conventional wisdom often states that when the spring thaw comes or autumn leaves fall, the home-buying season arrives with them. And why not? Better weather. Greater stock. Easier logistics for a move.

But that wisdom is outdated.

Just because previous home-buying patterns dictate spring and fall as prime real estate buying/selling seasons doesn't mean those rules are absolute. When it comes to considering selling a home in New York, winter might be the best season to list your home.

Let's explore four reasons why wintertime is the perfect time to list your home in New York: 

Your Home In The Spotlight

In the spring and fall, it's not uncommon for homes to enter a market merely to test their sellability. A seller might get a few bites but remain non-committal about entertaining genuine offers.

Consider that September is often the most popular month for new listings. Then, just a few months later, December sees many home listings withdrawn. From waffling sellers to price points being too high for the market to bear, what remains after those expirations is open market space with ready and willing new buyers.

Lower Prices, Less Competition, Better Deals

Motivated sellers and off-season buyers create a synergy in the winter housing market. When the non-serious players—slow-footed sellers and procrastinating buyers—head for the slopes, a greater opportunity arises for straightforward transactions.

Typically, this results in fewer homes on the market, more motivated buyers, and a lower likelihood of bidding wars.

Check the Bones of Your Investment

Is your home's HVAC system robust enough to handle harsh New York winters? Does the roof stand up to piles and piles of snow? Are there any additional features that make the home exceptionally comfortable during the coldest nights of the season? Let's face it; just as a client would assess a Gulf Coast home for how it stands up to the rain, sun, and sand, they will inspect a home in New York for the shelter it provides during the winter. And what better time to show off it’s excellent qualities than in December, January, or February?

More (Face) Time

With any real estate deal, time is of the essence. For this reason, if you prefer taking more time to weigh a home transaction, winter—with less competition and more flexible negotiation latitude—provides the buffer you need.

In addition, a less feverish market means more time working with your trusted realtor in finding the perfect deal. This includes market research, lining up tours, and coordinating crucial inspections, assessments, or repairs. Ultimately, the extra time afforded with your realtor and towards your decision will end in a positive outcome for all involved.

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